40 Most Popular African American Hairstyles – Natural Beauty in Every Strand

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Do you remember a time when African American hairstyles were the order of the day in every street? Well, that hype never died down, and the styles are still common in many corners of the world. Their ease to maintain and simplicity in their hairdos is what many people are attracted to, and thus, they are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. If you are wondering where you would begin sampling the African-American hairdos, here are 40 stunning styles that will leave you in awe;

# 1 Straight-up Bush

Straight-up Bush

There is no much to do for this style. You only need to have your thick hair combed upwards to form a thick bush over your head. It a simple manner that will not need much of attention and you will be at your best all the time. This is one way to give your natural hair a chance to shine and be free from any complicated dos.

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