60 Mesmerising Asian Hairstyles — Oriental Mystery Is Here

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The place you originate from has an influence on the type of hairdos you wear, and this is why there are Asian hairstyles and many others from different societies. Asians have their unique way of cutting and styling their locks and although they also get influence from other cultures they still manage to create a distinct identity. The texture of their hair and skin tone also affects the type of styles that they wear. But the best thing is that there are many options to choose from regardless of whether you have long or short locks. Here are 60 trendy designs that show just how good Asians can look if they cut and style their locks creatively.

# 1 Double Side Ponytails with a Fringe

Double Side Ponytails with a Fringe

This style is popular with young Asian girls and as fancy as it may look it is very simple. It entails parting your long locks at the center and then tying them on the sides into two cute side ponytails. The style also includes an attractive and nicely chopped fringe and it has a fabulous blonde shade with pink tips.

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