60 Classy Auburn Hair Color Ideas — Fire in Your Hair

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Auburn hair color is perfect for autumn but will also work for any other season as it can brighten a woman’s appearance and also boost her confidence. Whether you prefer dark red or some subtle highlights of auburn, you will still look beautiful. The auburn shade looks charming when it peeks through a hat, and it will also make your turtleneck sweater look fabulous especially if you have long locks. This color comes in different shades, and you can use charts to choose one that you like but looking at some images of ladies with reddish brown hair give you a realistic picture of how you will look. And so the following 60 hairdos will make it easy for you to choose a shade that will go well with your skin tone and hair type.

# 1 Rich Copper Gold

Rich Copper Gold

Copper is a beautiful tone and a hint of it on any hair will make it look fabulous. The straight and smooth strands in this headdress have an eye-catching rich copper gold tone that gives them and incredible shine. A simple brush back and a soft center part all that you need to spice up your look since the shade is perfect.

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