50 Gorgeous Balayage Short Hair Ideas — Natural Looking Gradients

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As far as gradient hair is concerned, the balayage short hair dyeing technique looks like it’s here to stay. The term balayage is a French word that can be translated to mean “to sweep” or “to paint”. This is because the method used to apply dye is the freehand technique where the hair is hand painted against a backboard to create the highlight.

This results in a softer gradient and a more natural-looking tone that matches the skin tone and gives hair a glossy sun-kissed appearance. The method has been popularized due to the fact that it never looks strong and is delightfully low maintenance. Although it works best on hair that goes below the shoulders, a balayage expert can recreate the effect outstandingly on short and medium length hair.

# 1 Sun-Kissed Bob

Sun-Kissed Bob

This would have been an ordinary-looking bowl cut hadn’t it been for the soft highlights added randomly towards the edges of the fringe. The soft blonde highlights give the dark locks an enticing gradient that leaves the roots darker and the edges glossier.

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