25 Sculptured Bantu Knots on Long and Short Hair — Twist It Your Way!

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Bantu knots fashion originates from Africa, where women have been wearing their hair in sleek and polished mini buns to keep it hair neat and beat the hot weather. Now Bantu knots are going global and it’s easy to see why everyone wants to get twisty.

Ethnic beauty is for everyone – no matter what type of hair you have. Whether you are rocking curly locks or sleek straight hair you can get in on these fashionable and fun Bantu knot styles right now!

# 1 Beautiful Buds

Beautiful Buds

Natural is beautiful and that’s why we love these cute Bantu knots that have been set out in neat rows across the head. Don’t worry if you can’t get them all the same size – just make sure they are twisted and secured tightly and you’ll have a look that will last all day and night without needing constant attention – perfect for the busy girl who loves an active life!

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