50 Dazzling Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas — Summer Trend of 2019

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Blonde balayage is perfect for any woman who wants to give her strands a natural looking coloring because it is not noticeable when the hair grows out. The best thing with this color technique is that you can always have a unique appearance by combining one of the many shades of blonde with browns. You can also use this freehand hair painting technique to create a beautiful ombre or sombre design. However, to look good in this style, you have to choose the right color combinations and also something that goes with your skin tone. Look through the gallery below for some ideas on how to achieve this elegant hairdo.

# 1 Dazzling Silver Ash and Soft Brown Blend

Dazzling Silver Ash and Soft Brown Blend

The shadowed roots in this design form an excellent foundation for the beautiful hand painted shades. However, the choice of colors is still what makes this a top notch hairdo and it entails blending a bright silver ash blonde with a soft brown hue to form a unique shade. The hair also has a lovely textured haircut and a cute face frame styling that also helps to enhance the overall appearance.

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