50 Fresh Blonde Ombre Hair Ideas — Brown, Red, Black to Blonde, and Even More!

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If you have not yet tried a blonde ombre headdress, you are missing out on one of the trendiest color patterns. And contrary to what most people think this classy color design is not a preserve for ladies with natural blonde hair only. There are several ways to wear this design since you can combine your blonde locks with any color that you wish to create an elegant ombre look. With this color pattern, you can go for a bright look or a subdued one by using a dark shade like brown or black. However, they all look marvelous and so you only need to choose something that conforms to your tastes and preferences. Below is a gallery of some pictures that demonstrate the different ways you can wear this amazing dye job.

# 1 Fashionable Dark Brown to Blonde Sombre

Fashionable Dark Brown to Blonde Sombre

This hairdo starts with a dark brown base and transitions gradually to the blonde shade to create a charming sombre pattern. The locks have an amazing texture and some lovely waves that make the transition between the two shades even more appealing. And they also have some light brown highlights that help to spice them up. Since the dye job is marvelous, a simple finger-brush will be enough for styling.

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