35 Stunning Blowout Hair Ideas — A Trend You Can’t Miss!

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Blowout hair is the new sexy hair. This hairstyle can turn limp, flat or plain-looking locks into luxurious bouncy curls with amazing volume and body. Using the right blow drier, shampoo conditioner, and other finishing products can help you achieve that glossy and effortlessly glamorous hairdo which lasts for days. You can use various styling techniques with the round brush to give your mane a curly, wavy or straight finish.

This popular hairdo is made even more so due to the fact that it is easy to create and lasts longer than most hairstyles. You also get to choose the amount of texture you want your look to have although this may require some skill. Take a look at these superb blowout hairstyle ideas to get inspiration.

# 1 Simple Texture

Simple Texture

Getting the right kind of texture in your hair all depends on how wet it is when you style it and the type of styling products used. The dry bar technique, as in this example, can be used to leave your mane with more natural texture while giving it superb volume. The relatively simple blowout technique used here leaves the locks looking extra natural and bouncy.

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