60 Chic Big & Medium & Small Box Braids Styles — Braiding Perfection

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Every woman loves box braids, and it is hard to find one who has never tried them at some point in time. They are one of the most protective hairdos that you can use to make your strands healthy and robust and also to make them grow faster by limiting the use of heat and chemicals. However, they are also very fashionable, and there are limitless styles that you can create with them. The gallery below shows picture examples of the different styles that you can form with your box twists.

# 1 Side Part and Free Flow

Side Part and Free Flow

In this design, they are medium in length and also quite neat, but their styling is what makes them look distinct. It entails giving them a slight side part, twisting them a little bit and leaving the locks to flow freely over the shoulders. Their color is also fantastic, and it is in an ombre pattern that entails transitioning drastically from black to purple and then finishing with pink to create a triple toned look.

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