40 Brilliant Braided Mohawk Hairstyles — Dare to Try!

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So what’s the deal with Mohawk’s? Well, Mohawks are no longer just for punks and rockers – the look has gone mainstream and this season we love the braided Mohawk styles also sometimes known as fauxhawks. This look sees the center portion of hair braided while the sides are fashioned into smaller braids or just left loose. The style you choose determines the height – so you can wear it as flat or as high as you like – here are 40 awesome examples!

# 1 Voluminous Centers

Voluminous Centers

Are you not yet brave enough to shave your sides but you still crave a Mohawk look? In this style that look has been created by Dutch braiding the center section of hair while the sides have been sleeked back. The braid ends in a loose plait and the remaining hair cascades down the model’s back.

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