80 Trendy and Stylish Braided Updos — For All Hair Types

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Braided updos are very fashionable as they not only help a woman keep hair from her face but also makes her look very charming. This modern headdress has no limitations, and you can create it in any way you wish whether you like simple messy designs or neat formal ones there are still many options available for you. And no matter what you choose to go with you can still achieve it quickly provided you have basic weaving skills. Sometimes it is not always easy to choose a braided upstyle, and some women may not know what to try out despite the availability of several options. However, the following 80 hairdos will give you some ideas on how you can wear these eye-catching updos.

# 1 Twisty Low Bun

Twisty Low Bun

One of the things that make these hairstyles popular is that they are very effortless, and you do not need to know how to do excellent braids to wear one. In this style, the long textured locks are pulled back and twisted into a loose low bun, and this is enough to create an elegant look.

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