60 Stylish Hairstyles with Braids for Kids — From Box and Crochet Braids to French and Dutch Braids

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Braids for kids are probably one of the most versatile styles for medium to long hair. Braids for kids work especially well because they look fancy (and who doesn’t like looking fancy) and they keep the hair out of the way. There is a multitude of different types of braiding styles ranging from those that are simple to create to those that require a little practice and skill, and there are many tutorials online on how to achieve them all. So whether you are looking for princess style with waterfall or crown braids or a magical feel with snake and carousel braids you’ll find something perfect for your little one. Let’s explore some of these amazing hairstyles.

# 1 Flowing Fishtail Braid

Flowing Fishtail Braid

This little girl has beautiful thick tresses that have been styled into a lovely fishtail plait down the one side and loosely into the length of the hair. The hairstyle has been secured with a tie and we can see some flyaway strands. This looks like a difficult design, but it is relatively simple to achieve with a little practice.

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