60 Unforgettable Bridesmaid Hairstyles — Get Inspired!

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Bridesmaid hairstyles only come second to the hairdo of the bride in importance. And this is why ladies will spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that everyone in their bridal party has the best hairdos. The options are endless when it comes to choosing a style for a bridesmaid, and so there is no reason why one should not look elegant. Whether you prefer a traditional bun or chignon or some fancy twists, there are still many options available, and you only need to get a little creative. It is also important to choose something that suits your hair type and size and also accessorize it well. The 60 styles below are a few examples of the many hairstyles that a bridesmaid can wear to look adorable on that big day.

# 1 Effortless Boho Half Updo

Effortless Boho Half Updo

You will hardly find any other hairstyle for a bridesmaid that is easier to create than this one. It is a very straightforward design for ladies with a long mane. All that you need to replicate it is to sweep back your strands and then take a few of them from the sides and twist them over the rest.

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