35 Brilliant Bright Red Hair Color Ideas — Looks Guaranteed to Stop Traffic!

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Bright red hair is destined to attract attention, and it’s quite clear why. Red is the color of the spectrum that catches our eye before any other shade. That is the reason why emergency vehicles and lights are often red – because we will see them the quickest. Red is an energizing color and redheads are renowned for being outgoing and knowing how to have fun. Whether you are looking for sparkling jewel-like colors like ruby or if you want to go for neon red look, there is a red for every girl. Today we are looking at bright red hair and how to style it in order to create a look that is head-turning. Have a look at these 35 glowing examples!

# 1 Crimped Neon Red

Crimped Neon Red

Redheads are meant to be outgoing and full of fun so what does this bright neon red hair say? This is a look reserved for those with loads of confidence and for added sass you could crimp your hair to achieve this same fluffy, flyaway texture. The model has darker maroon shadow roots and has accessorized with orange and red to match her attention grabbing hair. Proof that even short hair can have a huge impact!

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