55 Inventive Brown Ombre Hair Ideas — Spice Up Your Hair

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Brown ombre hair is lovely, and it gives a woman an opportunity to style her hair in different ways. Since brown hair is a neutral and a natural hair color you can combine it with many other shades to create an eye-catching look. And the best thing is that it can work well for most lengths, and it also looks great on any skin tone. Whether you like to keep long locks or short one the following 55 designs will give you some inspiration on how you can enhance them with brown ombre.

# 1 Brown and Blonde Ombre Color Melt

Brown and Blonde Ombre Color Melt

This headdress is a typical ombre color design, but it looks different due to the creative color melt between brown and blonde on the lower half of the hair. The wavy locks also help to enhance the beauty of the headdress, and they look full when you push them to the sides.

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