60 Fashionable Caramel Hair Color Ideas — The Ultimate Trend

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If you have no tried caramel hair color, you are missing out on one of the trendiest looks for a modern woman. This delicious hue is incredibly enticing, and this makes it perfect for lowlights, highlights and dip dyes. Apart from this caramel comes in many shades and so you can easily find something that goes with your skin tone and personal preference. You can also combine it with other shades to create a top notch headdress, and the 60 designs below will give you some examples of how you can wear it.

# 1 Fun Balayage with Caramel Highlights

Fun Balayage with Caramel Highlights

Balayage is the best way to get a natural looking headdress and in this style, it creates some lovely caramel highlights with a hint of blonde. Apart from the color the strands also have an attractive layered style and a soft center part.

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