25 Stunning Chestnut Brown Hair Colors & Designs — Fresh Trends

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Chestnut brown hair is warm and very elegant, and it makes a woman look very classy. The tone is a shade of brunette but with gold and red undertones. You can use this lovely hue in many ways to show off your personal flair, and the good thing is that there are many shades that you can use. The shades range from rich dark amber to light reddish brown tones, and so you can easily find a shade that works for you. And if you are thinking of wearing this lovely color the following 25 styles will demonstrate how you can have it depending on your skin tone and style.

# 1 Chestnut with Golden Sheen

Chestnut with Golden Sheen

This headdress entails a soft shade of chestnut with some lovely subtle golden highlights that give it its incredible shine. The hues are very radiant, and they combine perfectly to make your hair look healthy and voluminous. Although the hues are the center of attraction in the design, the hair also has some lovely waves that make it very trendy.

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