50 Sweetest Chocolate Brown Hair Colors & Designs — Yummy and Chic

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Chocolate brown hair is enticing and vibrant hence making it perfect for the modern woman. If you wear it right it can be as sweet as the chocolate it is named after, but it is not always easy to choose the right shade and to dye your hair in a cool pattern. However, just like with any other color you can opt to go the trial and error way or use pictures of different designs of this sweet hue. The latter is the best way to get a fabulous look with a chocolate shade, and so the following 50 styles will come in handy when you are choosing your color and dyeing pattern.

# 1 Dark Chocolate Streaks on a Black Base

Dark Chocolate Streaks on a Black Base

This hairdo proves that you can still use a dark shade to highlight black hair. The black medium length strands in this design have some sweet dark highlights that give them an extra definition and help to spice up what would otherwise be a dull look.

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