30 Stylish Crimped Hair Styles — Rock It As Never Before

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Crimped hair first made its way onto the fashion scene in the mid-1980’s and every ten years or so we see a rise in the popularity of crimped looks. Crimping involves pressing the hair into small folds and ridges and is usually achieved by using a special crimping iron, however, there are alternative ways to get this look using a regular hot iron or using braiding. It adds an extra layer of dimension to updo’s and volume to loose looks and is definitely worth trying this season. Here are 30 creative styles to give you some ideas.

# 1 Folded Updo

Folded Updo

Create a striking look by adding crimping to an updo. Here the stylist first crimped the locks from root to tip using a crimping iron before dividing the hair into thick sections and fashioning them into a voluminous, folded updo. Most of the flyaways were tamed with hairspray and the style is made even more eye-catching by the contrast between the darker color at the neck and the pale blonde on top.

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