50 Gorgeous Crochet Weave Hairstyles — Designs Worth Trying

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The crochet weave is a very favorite style because ladies are always looking for natural hairdos that will protect their strands and are also low maintenance. This method of styling has been around since the 90’s, and different styles and design variations are always coming up. It provides ladies with an easy way of wearing braids without spending a lot of money or time on them. You can also use this technique to create a natural looking mane with human or synthetic extensions. The options are endless when it comes to crocheting, and you only need to choose something that conforms to your style and preferences. Here are 50 chic hairdos that demonstrate the endless designs that you can create through crocheting

# 1 Thick and Curly Crochet Weave

Thick and Curly Crochet Weave

Few people can be able to tell that this hair is not the wearer’s original one without looking very keenly. This design proves that if you know how to choose your extensions well, you can be confident of a natural looking appearance when doing some crocheting. The style uses some thick human hair with some firm curls, and it is just below the chin in length. A nice side part and sweeping the thick mane sideways and over the face is all the styling that you need.

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