50 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles — Simplicity and Elegance Combined

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Ponytail hairstyles are a perfect idea when you do not want to keep on worrying about your locks getting over your face. They are simple hairdos that entail pulling back the strands and using a hairband or some of the strands to tie the rest into a design that looks like the tail of a pony, and this is why the style gets its name. The ponytail is one of those styles that have always been around, and it is hard to figure out its origins. And it is not just the style that you wear to the gym because it can still be a very fashionable headdress. It is also very versatile, and you can have it in different designs by varying the texture, combining it with other styles and also by having it in different positions. The gallery below will give you some ideas on how you can wear this easy hairdo.

# 1 High Balayage Upstyle

High Balayage Upstyle

A ponytail is a great style when you want to show off your fantastic balayage ombre dye job. The strands in this design have a breathtaking tone and by pulling them to the center of the head and using a few of the locks to tie them into a high pony, you will be able to add some detail to your colors. It also has a slightly messy look that you can achieve by running your fingers through the hairs coming from the pony.

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