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Most ladies tend to have a difficult time when creating short hair updos, and some will even give up on having one. The few challenges that women go through when working on their short hair is what brings about the notion that updos are only a preserve for those with a long mane. However, this could not be further from the truth because short hair works just fine and there are limitless designs that you can create, and you will only need to put in more effort and some extra creativity and also use a few extra pins. Below is a detailed picture gallery to give you some inspiration on what you can create with your short strands.

# 1 Simple Twisted and Pinned Updo

Simple Twisted and Pinned Updo

As fancy as this hairstyle may look it is still very easy to create, and you will only need to use many pins. The design starts with highlighting your brown locks to give them a perfect tone. You should then pull the hair to the middle of the head and style by twisting and pinning the locks to form a faux hawk like design.

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