30 Easy Cute Updos for a Classy Woman — For Any Occasion

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Nothing beats cute updos for a prom night and other formal events. And although most ladies will go for them when they want to wear formal looks you can still have one as a casual or outdoor look. This trendy headdress is more versatile than what most people think, and it is one of those designs that will never go out of trend. As common and popular as it is not every woman knows how to wear and style it. However, this should not be a problem with the following 30 designs in mind.

# 1 Braided Side Knot

Braided Side Knot

The blend of brown and blonde in this hairdo is splendid, and it is one the things that make this a top notch design. However, the fancy styling is also spot on and very simple to replicate. It involves creating a center part and weaving a medium braid on one side and finishing by pulling it and the rest of the hairs into a side knot.

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