60 Refined Dark Auburn Hair Colors & Designs — Tempting Shades and Styles

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Dark auburn hair color is fun but still elegant, and so it is a perfect shade when you want to dye your hair but wish to have a unique tone. It has the warmth of a dark tone and the beauty of other bright hues, and this makes it the perfect choice for every woman. The only disadvantage with this shade is that it is not very common, and so most ladies may not know how to use it to create a polished look. However, the 60 headdresses below will give you all the ideas that you need to rock this beautiful hue.

# 1 Dark and Textured Auburn Locks

Dark and Textured Auburn Locks

A simple thing like having a good texture can make a big difference in your hairdo and help you look outstanding. In this design, it is one of the things that make the style fresh but the strands also have a lovely warm shade with a hint of red, and it makes the texture of the locks appear more detailed.

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