30 Colorful Ideas for Dark Ombre Hair — Stand Out in the Crowd!

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You might be having some few tricks under your sleeves regarding dark ombre hair. But are they really worth your time and effort? Well, most of these hairstyles call for long hours and it only makes sense when you come up with something that will make you stand out. I have done some digging on the internet and came up with 30 ideas that might be a perfect match for you. Read more and discover the best ideas that will help you rank high in the world of ombre hair and achieve the elegance that will draw the attention of those around.

# 1 Balayage Ombre for Layered Hair

Balayage Ombre for Layered Hair

These long layers are given some shine that provides an irresistible look in the dark shade. The hair has a natural black base that covers the top. The bottom has balayage highlights of brown to display some element of color transition. The locks are twisted and curled to create something unique and elegant in this style.

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