50 Different Shades of Brown Hair — Colors You Can’t Resist!

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Red and blonde hair colors get lots of attention, but today we look at the wonderful world of brunettes. There are so many shades of brown hair to choose from – from light biscuit shades all the way to mysterious dark colors like rosewood and sable. Why not add some red or orange into the mix with glimmering copper or rich mahogany? Need inspiration? Check out these 50 amazing pictures of beautifully shaded brunette styles!

# 1 French Roast With Truffle and Hazelnut Melt

French Roast With Truffle and Hazelnut Melt

In this picture, the stylist used a combination of rich brunette shades to color this model’s medium length locks. The base color is French roast brown with well placed golden truffle and hazelnut highlights. This color melt gives the hair a gorgeous reflective quality.

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