30 Stunning Digital Perm Hairstyles — Perfect Waves with a Digi-Perm!

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A digital perm is the latest fad in women’s hairstyles. To achieve a digi-perm, temperature controlled rods are usually used to thermally recondition the hair. The trend-setting hairdos are generally characterized by a wavy or playfully bouncy hair. Digital perms are very easy to style because you can achieve wavy curls simply by twisting your hair with your fingers when it is dry. Owing to the fact that they look best on dry hair, you can maintain your hairstyle throughout the day. Herein are 30 superbly executed digital perm hairstyles.

# 1 Ash Brown Lob

Ash Brown Lob

This simple hairstyle is a testament that everything looks better with a digital perm. The styling technique has added a lot of natural texture to the hair and given it a bit of waviness and a tousled appearance as well. Streaks of ashy brown color give the hair more definition and also add a lustrous appeal to the hairstyle as well.

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