50 Stunning Dutch Braid Hairstyles — Cutest Braids Ever

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The Dutch braid is a design of braiding hair that most people like to refer to as the inverted French twist. It is very similar to the French design of weaving hair, but the biggest different between the two is the fact that the strands in the Dutch design interweave below the braid while the intersection is above the twits for the French style. Just like with any other type of twist, no one can claim to know exactly where it originates from because historical evidence shows that it has been around for thousands of years.

However, the most reliable historical data indicates that these braids come from Africa, but the term Dutch comes from the fact that the Dutch people were among the first to wear this style. Their hair is longer, and they also have a different texture when compared to Africans who were the first to weave their hair, and so the Dutch had to adjust the conventional braiding technique so that it can work for their hair type and this is how this style came into being. This style has evolved through the years as more and more cultures embrace it, and there are now many variations. Below is a gallery of 50 pictures that will give you some examples of the limitless ways you can make this fabulous headdress.

# 1 Massive Pancaked Dutch Braid

Massive Pancaked Dutch Braid

You can only achieve this elegant hairdo if you have a very long mane. And to create it you should pull the long strands into a ponytail and weave the strands coming from it into a huge pancaked twist that finishes with a simple pigtail.

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