25 Inspiring Elsa Braid Ideas — Princess Hairstyles

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You could not help but feel moved by Disney’s inspiring tale of two sisters, but you also couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous Elsa braid hairstyle. Ladies all over the world have been hard at work replicating this style for themselves and the results are quite something! The standard way to create this look is to start with thick brushed out hair and tease the roots before braiding in the French method. A classic Elsa braid is thick on top and thin at the tip and worn over the shoulder. Let’s look now at some examples:

# 1 Texture And Tiara

Texture And Tiara

For this young princess’s gorgeous hairstyle the stylist has used the pull through braid technique to create that classic Elsa braid fullness. To complete the romantic feel there are lots of flyaway strands from her fluffy textured locks and a small tiara and delicate white flowers were also added.

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