55 Expressive Emo Hairstyles for Girls — Choice of a Nonconformist

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Emo hairstyles are the best way to identify an Emo or a person who believes that she is one. These hairdos started as a way of creating a separate identity for people who associate with the Emo culture, but they are now a modern way to cut and style hair, and anybody can have them. Although the traditional design features dark-toned and layered bangs, there are still many other ways you can create this look, and you only need a little creativity and skillful use of some bright colors. Below are 55 hairdos that will give you some examples of how you can create your Emo look.

# 1 Pink on Lavander Peek-a-Boos

Pink on Lavander Peek-a-Boos

This haircut starts by chopping the straight strands to create two long tails. You should then introduce pastel pink in a peek-a-boo design and finish by braiding the tails into two classical braids to show off the underlying colors.

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