2019 Fashion and Hairstyles Guide For Men – Get Ready For a New Season

The modern man is not quite the same as the man who came before him. To this man, fashion is an integral contribution to his style. It is an expression of who he is as an individual and an outright mirror of his personality. You would not want to go wrong in that. And if you are looking for guidance on amazing fashion and get the latest hairstyles, then www.stylemann.com is a site you want to check out. This site will walk with you and give you all you need to know in that area. Let’s boil it down to basics.


When it comes to making a statement, the first thing that comes into play is good grooming. That is where it all begins. Right, ladies? To look sharp and clean, facial hair must be maintained. You will need to know the right razors to use, what a grooming kit comprises of and how to use each and every element in the kit and even what to use when you want to handle your eyebrows. Picture a well-built man dressed to the nines but who appears to have a facial hair nightmare…


Facial hair is not the only hair that contributes to your overall statement; hairstyles also comes into play. There are various hairstyles that will bring out the best in any man. This is whether you have long, short or medium hair; whether you want a fade or an undercut for the man with sophisticated taste. It is key to find out what hairstyles will work best for your hair type and length.


Celebrities in the world over have proven that anyone can rock any hair they have. Zayn Malik, Ricky Martin, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are very different personalities but they rock it in their own way. From their hairstyles to the clothes they wear and even to the signature fashion elements such as boots and coats. The very small details they focus on to make statements with. You could in your own way make your own statement just as they do.


Here are ways in which Stylemann helps you make a statement by the clothes you wear:


If you want to make an official statement, you have to know how to wear that suit, how to fit it and how to pair it up. There are many ways to wear a suit and you can look sharp for that job interview, wedding or even that special dinner.



It is said, if you want to know about a man, look at his shoes. They are a story all by themselves. The story to be told cannot be emphasized enough; you need to get it right with the shoes you wear. In wearing casual, there is a wide range of shoes that will achieve the look graciously.


Suede brings out the casual and clean cut feel for the winter days. There is a suede variety in boots, loafers, canvas, sneakers, monk shoes and brogue shoes. For the official functions a good pair of official shoes will do the trick. Basically, shoes there are more than enough shoe designs to pick from; Air Max sneakers, converse, boots, slip-ons, Sperry shoes, Derby shoes, moccasins, oxford shoes, style monk strap shoes among others. The choice is yours.



For the winter and a generally cold day, why not still look your best? You could decide to look classic in a polo coat that has many variations for different occasions or choose to look elegant while still maintaining a casual feel with the traditional but popular tweed coat. If adventure is your middle name, you will most likely prefer the versatile leather jackets that can be found in different colors that will match your every adventure. If you are out to impress, to look stylish, cool and absolutely awesome, you may want to don a military jacket.


For a luxurious look, try the shearling coats that will achieve you an expensive taste while maintaining you at your warmest during winter. There are also parker coats that are very simple and comfortable, for the day you feel like having an easy one. Other coats that you can look to add to your wardrobe are like the Barbour jackets, the coats that last for decades, the stylish and creative carhartt jacket, the unmistakable bomber jacket, the chic and very stylish Harrington jacket, the protective pee coat, to the necessary trench coat, the amazing duffle coat and the semi-formal sports coats. There is such a variety to choose from; no excuse to look pathetic when it is cold.



Men’s pants are quite simple. You can either have the basic black pants those can be paired with stylish tops and coats and skinny jeans that are quite a trend currently. When it comes to jeans, though, there are various looks that are set to bring out different fashion feels. There is, for example, the Pinroll jeans that can be paired with a great pair of sneakers, there is also the nudie jeans that are great for just chilling out with friends and basically best for informal reasons. Then there is the selvedge denim jeans that are unique because of the detail they have and last but definitely not least there are the ripped jeans, again a popular trend for the unruly man’.



The devil is indeed in the details. It is a known fact that an accessory can completely turn around one’s look. They are a little but huge contribution to one’s overall look. How you wear your tie, skinny or otherwise, the tie clip you use, what size and type of backpack you carry, the type of hat you have on, the colour, texture and material of your belt, the shape and size of your sunglasses, the watch you wear, that bracelet you have on for the casual occasions and even the handcuffs you have own make a huge statement on you as a person. And they say accessories are just touch ups?


Fashion is the subconscious choice we make in portraying ourselves; a collection of very many variables to put together for expression.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

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