25 Lovely Fishtail Braid Hairstyles — Secrets of Braiding Revealed

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Fishtail braid resembles the favorite French twist in many ways but what makes it a distinct design is the fact that it sections the strands into two instead of three like the French style. It is not as old as the other types of twists, and it came as a result of ladies in the 19th century wanting to vary their braid style so as to create a unique look. In the 19th century, some women would refer to it as the Grecian Braid, and this is a good indication of its origins. In the past decades, the design has become one of the most popular types of braids and new variations of this twist are always coming up. And so if you are thinking of knitting your strands, the fishtail is a perfect idea and below are 25 different variations to give you some inspiration on the different styles that you can create.

# 1 French Side Twists into a Fishtail

French Side Twists into a Fishtail

It is very trendy to combine two types of twists in one style, and this is more so if you have long hair like this one. Here the twists create a half up style, and it entails starting two medium size French twists on the sides and then joining them at the back where you should then knit your strands into a neat fishtail.

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