70 Upscale French Braid Hairstyles — Elegance As It Is

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French braid hairstyles are the most popular types of twists and most people who want to knit their hairs will always turn to these hairdos. A French twist is a simple hair design that entails dividing the hair into three sections that you should then braid together from the crown towards the nape of the neck. Although they are called French, they do not have origins from France, and this is contrary to what most people think. The hairdo has been around for thousands of years, and you can find it in artistic depictions in different cultures such as Greek and Celtic. However, the earliest mention of this braiding technique is in rock art in a mountain range in Algeria, but the term French Braid comes from an 1871 issue of the famous Arthur’s Home Magazine.

Most people confuse these twists with Dutch Braids and Fishtail, but they are entirely different. In a Dutch braid the three hair sections intertwine below the braid while in a French style, they cross above the twist. The difference is also evident when it comes to the fishtail, and this is simply because a fishtail twist divides the hair into two sections instead of three like in the French style. The 70 hairdos below will help one understand how the French twist looks and its different styling variations.

# 1 Classical French Braid Hairstyle

Classical French Braid Hairstyle

You do not always have to do much to create an updo because you can achieve one quickly with a French twist. And to do this you only need to sweep back your strands, section them into three and weave all of them into a twist starting from the crown to the nape of the neck and finish by tying with a band a few inches from the end.

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