50 Classy French Twist Updo Ideas — For Real Ladies

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Every woman would love to wear a French twist updo due to the elegance that it creates when you pair it with office or formal wear. It is also a very simple hairdo for ladies with medium or long hair because it only entails twisting and pinning the hair in different styles. With this classic updo, your creativity is what determines how elegant you will look because the styling options are limitless. And so for your next black dress event, you should try this picture perfect headdress and the 50 styles below will give you some styling inspirations.

# 1 French Twist Beehive

French Twist Beehive

This hairdo is one of the most straightforward updos that you can create and as the name suggests you have to twist and pin your strands into a massive beehive like design. The chunky look makes it appear very voluminous, and so it is perfect for ladies with thin hair that would like to make it look fuller than it is.

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