25 Beautiful Ghana Braids Styles & Pictures — Tradition and Modernity

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Ghana braids are very popular with Africans Americans since they look perfect with the texture of their hair. However, any woman can wear this fabulous headdress provided she knows how to weave and style them. These plaits are also very versatile, and they work for ladies with both short and long hairs regardless of its volume. The following hairdos portray some great ways to wear this headdress, and you should use them to create your distinct look.

# 1 Multiple Sized Braids

Multiple Sized Braids

Mixing different sizes of braids will make you look elegant. And this is truer is you have some fancy cornrows like in this design. The pattern that the big and small rows create is fabulous, and it gives the wearer a stylish appearance. Weaving the rows in a wavy pattern and the dark tone of the strands also spice up this style.

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