50 Fascinating Goddess Braids Hairstyles — Braiding Art Masterpieces

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Goddess braids provide women with a beautiful and natural looking way to wear their hair. Most look like oversized cornrows, and you can weave them in different patterns and sizes depending on your preferences. The style and pattern that you use will determine how long you keep them since some may remain intact for weeks while other will only take you for a day. These braids are very easy to make, and you can use your natural hair or add some extensions. A review of the gallery below will give you some ideas on how to create this stylish headdress.

# 1 Glorious Goddess Updo

Glorious Goddess Updo

The large braid in this design wraps into a tall updo that will give a woman ultimate beauty and bring out her femininity. Apart from the design that the hairdo takes it also has a very natural look, and it is hard to tell that the hair has some extensions.

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