25 Trendsetting Hair Bows — An Eye-Catching Beauty

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Hair bows are not a preserve for little girls because any lady who knows how to make them well will also look very adorable. Ladies do not always have to go for the traditional fabric and ribbon bows because it is considered trendier to make one with their natural hair. There are many ways of making a bow with your natural hair, and you can have it alone or combine it with other fancy hairdos such as top knots. Here are some styles that you can create by twisting and pinning your strands into a bow. Some of these styles are ideal for special occasions while others are perfect for your everyday look.

# 1 Easy Top Bow

Easy Top Bow

There is nothing else on this fancy headdress except for the bow and this simplicity is what makes it a top notch hairstyle. This design will require you to have long hair, and you will also need some good pins that you should use to pin your locks in place after twisting them into the bow design. A golden brown shade is also important as it will help give your style a perfect tone.

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