50 Delightful Hairstyles with Long Bangs — Forever Fashionable

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Long bangs come in all shapes and lengths, and you can also style them in many ways that range from side sweeping to blunt designs. The versatility of this style is what makes them attractive, and the fact that you can use them as your primary design or to enhance a different headdress also makes them worth trying. The 50 styles below are a few examples of the common ways you can wear long bangs, and you can try a few of them out or use them as inspiration to create a different style.

# 1 Smooth Ombre Bangs

Smooth Ombre Bangs

The texture of these brunette locks is magnificent and although this helps to create a lovely style it would not look this good without the smooth ombre bangs. This ombre design involves transitioning from a light brown base to blonde, and this gives the hair a perfect color. The lovely color pattern also helps to enhance the nicely chopped smooth bangs.

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