55 Lovely Highlights for Black Hair — Rock Your Locks

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Getting highlights for black hair is easier than most other base colors since black seems to work with all other shades. Whether you prefer bright or dark hues there is an option to choose from but just like any other highlights you have to choose something that is suitable for your skin tone. Apart from this, you should also go with a pattern that will make your highlights look neat and natural. Regardless of your personal preferences and tastes the following 55 hairdos with highlights will give you some ideas on what you can do to your black locks.

# 1 Soft Brown Lights

Soft Brown Lights

The colors in these long wavy locks blend in to create a perfectly highlighted look for black hair. It uses different shades of brown and they are dyed using a Sombre pattern that involves transitioning from a dark base to a blend of various shades of brown on the lower wavy section. 

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