55 Lovely Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas — Sweet and Tempting

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If you are thinking of wearing a bright headdress, then you should try honey blonde hair. This hair color is not only dazzling but it is also very elegant, and if you get the color combinations right you can be sure of a style that will make you look distinct. There are many ways to wear this magnificent shade, and you can combine it with other shades in an ombre or sombre design or use it as highlights for a different base color. Here are a few examples of how to use this hue to create top notch look.

# 1 Honey Blonde with Grown Out Ombre Roots

Honey Blonde with Grown Out Ombre Roots

The grown-out ombre roots in this design contribute to creating an amazing contrast with the honey blonde. However, you still need to lighten up the strands a little bit to add some elegance to the look. And for styling you should create a side part and sweep the curly locks to the sides.

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