35 Easy Honey Brown Hair Colors & Ideas — Sweet Soft Colors

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Honey brown hair comes from combining different shades of brown and it is a very distinct hue that you can use to make your locks look fabulous. Just like all the other browns it is easy to it achieve provided you know the right color combinations to use. Although ladies with a light complexion seem to prefer it, this lovely hue can work for most other skin tones. You can have it in balayage and other patterns such as ombre and sombre by combining it with different shades. Although it might not always be easy to know how to use this color, the following hairdos will give you some ideas on what you can try out.

# 1 Smooth Honey Color Melt

Smooth Honey Color Melt

The sweet honey tone blends in with a dark brown shade in this design to create a harmonious and vibrant look. What makes this color melt look lovely is the fact that the stands are also very long, and they have a simple and slightly messy styling.

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