25 Elegant Lace Braid Hairstyles — Simplest Ways to Look Classy

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Lace braid is a half-French or half-Dutch braid that runs along either one or both sides of the head. It gets its name from its lacy appearance that helps to frame the face and embellish plain hairstyles. Lace plaits provide the perfect way to bring out the princess in you. They are simple to create, possess undeniable charm and elegance and go well with literally any look. This trendy hairstyle has only recently started flooding the internet with pictures of exquisite variations suitable for every occasion.

It proves its versatility in the way it can incorporate different types of braiding techniques and use various embellishments to create a truly unique and personalized look. Feel free to be inspired by these 25 creative variations of the timelessly classy hairstyle.

# 1 Cascading Four-Strand Lace Braid

Cascading Four-Strand Lace Braid

The simplicity involved in the creating of this elegant lace plait is not apparent at first glance. The plait is an intricate crossover of a four-strand plait and a light waterfall done on the golden locks. Both braiding styles are simple and look good as individual hairstyles, but they exude a sense of playful elegance when combined. Braid runs across the side and down the back where it finishes in a loose plait tied with a pink bow.

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