50 Inspiring Lavender Hair Color Ideas — Provence in Your Locks

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Lavender hair color is generally regarded as a pale tint of purple, but the term can also be used to describe grayish, medium, light, and pale shades of purple. This is a wonderfully feminine color as it puts us in mind of perfumed soaps and lavender flowers.

Lavender makes a great choice for hair color as there are many shades to choose from ranging from the lightest pastel to shocking electric shades. Whether you want full color, dipped tips or an ombre, lavender hair is definitely a style you should try. To inspire you we have collected 50 incredible examples of ladies with lovely lavender locks – hope you enjoy them!

# 1 Lavender Over Gray

Lavender Over Gray

Gray is a hot hair color right now and it is also the perfect complement for a lavender shade like the one we see here. This look starts with a soft dove gray on the roots which has been covered with light lavender streaks. This lavender color continues until the tips and the gray has been used throughout to provide contrast.

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