60 Polished Long Bob Hairstyles — Elegant and Easy

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Most ladies prefer to call the long bob, the Lob. Regardless of what you call it, this is still one of the trendiest hairdos out there. It has been popular for quite some time, and it will continue to be for long. One of the reasons behind this is that it manages to flatter different complexions, face shapes and texture meaning that any woman can wear it and still look fantastic. It is a classic and universal headdress that will make you look modern, and it is also very versatile since you can style it in many ways. And the following 60 designs show just how versatile it is.

# 1 Textured Balayage Bob

Textured Balayage Bob

The texture of these locks is one of the things that make them fabulous. However, this style would not look this beautiful without the hand painted dye job. The dye job involves painting a burgundy shade on a black base in an ombre pattern. And this lovely shade adds some detail to the textured bob.

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