50 Upscale Long Hairstyles with Bangs — Timeless Trend

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Long hairstyles with bangs are now in more demand than any other time, and this is because they give ladies with long tresses an opportunity to wear a trendy headdress without having to chop their locks. Although you still need to cut off some of the strands to create the bangs, you still get to maintain most of them. And the good thing is that you can choose to style them how you wish. Bangs will make your hairs manageable, and you never have to worry about them getting in your way or even falling on your face. You will also not have to do any complicated styling or use pins to make them look fashionable. Here is a gallery of some long hairstyles that you can create with your beautiful bangs.

# 1 Wavy and Layered Boho Locks

Wavy and Layered Boho Locks

This Boho look will work for any lady with long, free-flowing locks. It is also very easy to create because the only thing that you need to do is to chop them into an arched fringe at the front and then layer the rest of the strands in a face frame design.

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