55 Trendy Long Pixie Cut Ideas — Forever Young

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A cute long pixie cut provides a woman with a modern and stylish way of wearing their short hair. Rather than just trim your strands short you can make them trendy and chic with a cute pixie cut. And the good thing about a long one is that you still get to maintain a decent length and a nice volume. Contrary to what most people think pixie cuts do not just involve chopping your strands short since there is also some intricate styling that you can do. Whether you have full or thin strands, there are still many long pixie styles that you can wear to look glamorous and elegant. Here are 55 examples of these classic haircuts and how to style them.

# 1 Diagonally Layered Bangs

Diagonally Layered Bangs

A pixie cut is all about the creative trimming of the hair to create something unique. In this design, the locks are longer on the crown than in the back. However, what makes it look glamorous is the neat tapering done at the back and the styling of the long bangs at the front. The front bangs have a side part, and then they are brushed to create a neatly layered design on the sides.

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