50 Elegant Long and Short Angled Bob Hairstyles — Simple and Stylish

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Just like most other short hairdos an angled bob has many advantages, but the main ones are its versatility, trendiness, and low maintenance. And so this makes it one of the best hairdos for a modern woman who does not have a lot of time to spend on her hair. It also looks very stylish, and it is one of the few bob cuts that you can style in various ways meaning that you do not have to do much when you want to change your looks. The 50 styles below will show you just how elegant and versatile this haircut can be.

# 1 Messy Burgundy Bangs

Messy Burgundy Bangs

Color has a huge impact on your style, and if you want to look trendy, you always have to give your strands the right shade. In this style the choppy bangs have and amazing burgundy shade that blends with the black base to create an incredible look. However, the locks also have a pleasing angular look, and you should style by making them slightly messy.

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