35 Summery Long and Short Beach Waves Hair Ideas — Channel Your Inner Beach Babe!

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You’ve seen the pictures and the hashtags and everyone is talking about the beach waves hair but maybe you are still wondering exactly what this is (and how you can get it!). Great news – beach waves are easy to achieve and although they work best on medium to long hair even girls with shorter locks can wear them.

The beach wave is a loose S-shaped curl, typically placed on the lower section of the hair to mimic the appearance of hair that has been exposed to salt water and sun. This messy curled look is all the rage, and because “lived in” and messy are the goals it’s really easy for you to do at home!

# 1 Long Bob Wave

Long Bob Wave

Shorter hair, such as this trendy long bob can be a little tricky to coax into that windswept and sun-drenched texture. To get your hair looking like this try using your curling iron to get one or two relaxed waves. These should ideally sit just below your ears in order to appear as natural as possible. Tousle and finger comb your hair afterward to get that messy feel.

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