60 Magnificent Mahogany Hair Color Ideas — Brighten Your Hair Up!

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Mahogany hair color is not as common as other shades of red or brown, and this is one of the things that make it distinct. The fact that it is an in-between shade (it is not dazzling or dark) also makes it ideal for ladies who prefer to go with moderate hues. Apart from this, there are also many mahogany tones and patterns to choose from, and this gives women a variety of options. However, it is not always easy to work with mahogany since it is not an ordinary shade but the following 60 headdresses will give you some ideas on how you can wear this distinct color.

# 1 Mahogany on Dark Brown

Mahogany on Dark Brown

Most modern color techniques are all about creating a contrast between two different shades and so this particular headdress is very trendy since it does just that. The neatly trimmed locks have a fabulous color contrast between the dark brown base and mahogany on the lower half of the hair. Apart from this the side sweep and pushing the strands to the front also helps to show off the lovely hues.

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