25 Alluring Mermaid Braid Hairstyles — Ultimate Braided Beauty

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Mermaid braid hairstyles embody the beauty and charm that the braiding art can give to women’s locks. You can choose to give them the elegant appeal of a fishtail, French twist, waterfall, crown, halo, or Dutch twist among other variations. I have searched the internet for styles that will leave a lasting impression and make you the envy of those around. Below are 25 examples of an incredible braided mermaid hairstyles that will make heads turn.

# 1 French Braid with Flowers

French Braid with Flowers

This hair sports a chunky French braid that adds tons of volume to it. The braid is given some loose twists that create more visual appeal. It extends just below the shoulders to create the illusion of a voluptuous fishtail braid. Fresh flowers come in handy to provide an amazing finish for that “wow” look. This style is a perfect choice for women with long brunette hair.

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